Tribble's Bar & Grill 2/11/22

We caught the Marc Rizzo, Black River Rebels, and Neverfall show at Tribbles Bar and Grill for what would be a wild night. Neverfall took the stage and dominated it. They commanded the crowd with their tight riffs and dark heaving beats. This is a heavy band that plays tight and fast with vocals that are growly but understandable. Towards the end of their set, Marc Rizzo joined them on stage to kill a cover of Mandatory Suicide by Slayer.

Marc Rizzo stormed the stage next, hammering some of the cleanest guitar riffs that I have possibly ever heard. I had heard of Marc Rizzo from il Nino and Soulfly, but severely underestimated how talented he is. I have had the pleasure of seeing Slash play live. I wouldn’t say that Rizzo is better, because they are from different eras and play different music. Although, I would place him in the same category of must see before you die musicians. If you hurry you can still catch Rizzo in small venues where he interacts with fans and blows crowds away.

Closing the night out was one of my favorite bands and a Tribble’s regular, the Black River Rebels. They started the night out with their single Rosenbridge, with its screaming guitars and angry drums prepping the crowd for a set that would almost blow the windows out of the bar. Halfway through the set, Marc Rizzo joined them on stage to cover Roots by Sepultura, and oh my god was it amazing. If you missed this, you lost. It was probably one of the greatest things I have seen at Tribble’s. It was a much heavier and darker song then Black River has done, and wow did they bring it. I have never seen that energy out of them. I don’t know if it was the fact that Rizzo shared the stage, or that this is just a new sound for them they could totally explore, but the whole crowd went nuts and was shocked over what they just heard. As if the set couldn’t get any better, bassist Jimmy Harper brought the fire!! I don’t mean figuratively, even though they had burnt the place down. He literally lit his arm on fire and then ate the fire!!! Jimmy is known to do this on occasion, and it was the best way to cap the night.

You can find all the artists on Spotify, Youtube and other streaming services. Give them a chance and you will find that there are still Rock bands out there making killer music.

Music Exercises the Demons 

Marc Rizzo

Black River Rebels


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