What a night, what a night!!! Every band killed it and I mean, the whole crowd in a trance mesmerized by the show.  Opening the night was a local favorite, and band that truly embraces the idea of a theatrical experience, River of Deceit. This was a very special night with their original bass player Caleb rejoining the band, after kicking the shit out of cancer. Welcome back Caleb!!!! These guys have a sound that echoes back to Black Sabbath, but with a choreographed light show to go with it. Between the music, smoke machines, and dancing of different colored lights, River of Deceit put on a show that any national headliner would have a hard time following. Valley of the Sun would have their work cut out for them when they hit the stage. Make sure to check out River of Deceit’s new music video for Blind Devotion on social media platforms.

Valley of the Sun knew they had to bring it, and show what this rock and roll band out of Cincinnati OH can do. They led in with their song Old Gods, to keep the energy flowing. Their drummer going so far as to start the show standing up, in order to get maximum thunder to ring out. They held the crowd with high energy, blazing guitars, head banging, and strong vocals, causing you to take notice and rock out. The energy was so high that their lead guitarist nearly put his head through the ceiling as he jumped around, and burned the 6 string down. They ended the show with a new song that will be out in June called Metal. Just wait until you hear this one, especially the bass intro. They left the stage gaining a ton of new fans. 

Bringing us home on this St. Paddy’s day rock extravaganza was, The Atomic Bitchwax. The crowd was not ready for the assault that was about to rain in on their earholes. This group of 3 friends have been playing together for over 20 years, and judging by the smiles on their faces they were having just as much fun now as they were 20 years ago. They led into their first song and it was fast and heavy, impressing everyone. Could the night get even better after the first 2 bands, why yes, yes it could. Just before leading into the second song Chris Kosnik on bass leans into the mic and says “this one’s lots of fun,” then rolled into 45. They were right, and the crowd was into it. Chris soon asked the crowd if they wanted a slow song with someone in the crowd actually saying yes. I know, I was confused too. Chris smirked and said too bad they only get faster from here. He wasn’t wrong and the crazy thing is, the faster they got, the tighter they got. As they progressed through their set, it became a flurry of fingers hitting frets and picking, drum sticks flying through the air, and bigger smiles on their faces, closing the night with a bang.

You know it was a great show because the crowd huddled around the merch tables after, making sure they got themselves a souvenir to remember the ear pounding they just took. You can catch The Atomic Bitchwax and Valley of the Sun on tour right now. I highly recommend you do.